Thursday, August 23, 2007

What Is This Blawg About? Should I Read It?

If you are a California attorney whose practice includes civil litigation, you might want to give it a try.

The purpose of this blawg is to provide summaries of (and some comments on) very recent opinions from the California Supreme Court and the California Courts of Appeal. But only the cases that are relevant to a civil litigation practice. No criminal law, no family law, no tax law, no land use & planning law - just all civil litigation all the time. What is included? Well, right now, decisions concerning procedure, defining the elements of causes of actions or restrictions on causes of actions (scope of statutes creating a private right of action , anti-SLAPP protection), deciding when attorney fee awards are available, and determining insurance coverage questions. Also, for now, this blawg will look at all of the California Supreme Court cases deciding civil litigation questions.

Although these case summaries will not appear the day after a decision, I hope that this blawg will provide a useful supplement to daily opinion services. That's my goal. Please let me know whether I am succeeding or not. Thanks for giving this blawg a try.

One caveat: I'm not following the Federal court decisions so I won't be including their interpretations of California law.